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AccroWell has been established with the idea of assisting entrepreneurs in conducting their business in mind. In the course of our activity, we have developed two models of cooperation with businesses: the corporate one and the one dedicated to SMEs. The first of them is addressed to all those who value availability of experts in the area of finance, accounting or HR, or of entire departments on a daily basis, immediately. BAsed on the outsourcing model, we provide our Clients with the services of a dedicated person or team forming part of our company staff.

Within the SME model, we guarantee comprehensive financial services and our dedicated experts who are available at our offices and departments, as well as online. The choice of the appropriate model depends on managers’ decision. The most important objective consists in building expert community and assisting entrepreneurs on all stages: starting from the financial plans development, through HR and payroll up to controlling.

Thanks to the assistance provided by our Company you can fully concentrate on what matters, and forget about time-consuming tasks related to handling finance. We guarantee full range of services in the areas of: finance, accounting, controlling, HR, payroll and comprehensive outsourcing services.

Security first

We pay great attention to data security. With this fact in mind, we employ appropriate mechanisms and technological background. It is all in order to guarantee highest quality services. We care about our Clients’ interests, we are reliable, helpful and always there for the entrepreneurs when they support is needed.

We cooperate with Clients
from all over Europe

As an experienced company with the appropriate approach, AccroWell has cooperated with Clients from all over Europe. We appreciate the fact that so many entrepreneurs have trusted us and opted for the highest quality and our expertise.

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AccroWell opts for the services development, as well as continuous upskilling of its employees. We are looking for ambitious individuals who are not afraid to take up new challenges. We apply modern technologies on a daily basis to optimize our work. Join the team of experts.

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We guarantee versatile cooperation models

Having the highest quality of the provided services in mind, we have developed two models of cooperation with our Clients. They include the corporate model and the SME model. Each of them addresses specific needs and within their framework, we ensure access to dedicated experts or entire teams. First of all, we verify the needs of our Clients in order to choose the best model for cooperation. It is worth entrusting comprehensive financial and accounting services to professionals.