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Within the SME model Clients are offered classic outsourcing in its proven form. They are provided with experts to take care of all tasks from the area of finance, accounting or HR. We believe that having access to a dedicated individual or team helps entrepreneurs run their business. We value individual approach towards our Clients, thus providing them with the highest quality of services. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors mostly thanks to our experience and personalized attitude towards Clients. This cooperation model is addressed to all those in need of assistance in the area of finance and accounting.

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Our solution is perfect for all businesses that need regular expert assistance in the area of finance, accounting, controlling, HR and payroll. Our objective consists in learning the Company structure, understanding the model of its operations and providing it with comprehensive assistance. We address the needs of entrepreneurs.

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Our competencies
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Controlling
  • HR and Payroll
  • Process Implementation
  • Accounting and financial supervision
Outsourcing for Accounting

AccroWell provides comprehensive accounting services to businesses. Our portfolio includes companies representing various sectors. We are a proven and reliable business partner for insecure times. We address our services to those businesses from all over Poland and Europe which look for reliable solutions in accounting. We provide ongoing services for businesses: from bookkeeping, settlements, preparing financial statements, through tax declarations, up to counselling in the area of accounting.

We are distinguished by extensive knowledge and many years of experience, as well as a dedicated team of experts. We are involved in our contractors’ businesses and guarantee personalized approach. Our Clients are provided most of all with security and the confidence that their books will be kept in an appropriate way.

Outsourcing for Finance and Counselling/CFO

Our services are addressed to all businesses that search for proven solutions in the field of finance, HR or accounting. We follow appropriate procedures and implement them at our Clients. One of the offered services is outsourcing for finance and counselling. Within its scope, we offer businesses an external CFO who cares about such important matters as clearance or bookkeeping. Who is the target of such services? All entrepreneurs who need support.

Businesses that often benefit from the assistance of an external CFO are those that experience rapid growth, thus they need help of an expert in the area of finance. At the same time, they do not want to hire a CFO or a financial controller on a permanent basis in their offices. Outsourcing CFO services is a perfect solution for example if staff shortages occur or the experience of current employees turns out to be insufficient.

Outsourcing for Controlling and Reporting

Financial controlling falls within the scope of AccroWell services. We rely on classic economic analysis and many years of experience that we possess enable us to aptly evaluate financial condition of a given business. Our duties also include choosing appropriate tools for improving your company’s management. Are you wondering if your production is efficient? Lacking supervision? You are not sure whether you are developing your business in the right direction? Financial controlling will help you understand the processes taking place within your company.

Our experts supervise accounting actions and make sure that bookkeeping precisely reflects the cashflow within the company. The controllers also influence decision making, forecasting and budgeting at the company level based on bookkeeping data. We are here to support your business.

Outsourcing for HR and Payroll

Our Company provides comprehensive HR and payroll services. We know how time-consuming it is to keep staff records. At AccroWell we also specialize in preparing employment contracts, managerial contracts or contracts of mandate – all legal documents related to hiring an employee. Professionally run HR and Payroll Department facilitates not only the activities of the employers, but also those of employees.

While performing our day-to-day duties, we apply new technologies that assist in keeping personnel records in order and handling all employee-related changes. We ensure confidentiality of both personal and payroll data. We keep track of ongoing changes in labour law and assist companies that cooperate with us in adjusting to new regulations.

Implementations and optimizations: WorkFlow, internal processes, ERP

Within the framework of our services, we provide comprehensive implementation of financial and accounting processes. Our Clients are offered reliable and proven solutions aimed at improving their company’s operations and within the long-term perspective - increasing the profitability of their business. Our task consists in implementing processes and verifying their efficiency, as well as compliance with our requirements.

We are also responsible for implementations and optimizations. They include among others WorkFlow, i.e. appropriate flow of information between entities or individuals participating in the change. We also provide our Clients with ERP - Enterprise Resources Planning that involves the supervision and management of crucial resources and processes within every area of business: from sales, finance, up to HR.

Supervision of Finance, Accounting and Controlling

Within the outsourcing service dedicated to every business in Poland, we provide controlling services for finance and accounting. The service is dedicated to those who want to optimize their costs without hiring an expert from the particular field on a permanent basis. It includes, among others, formal and accounting-related inspection of documents, verification of the correctness of bookkeeping and the assistance in preparing such important financial documents as quarterly or annual reports.

A dedicated expert will verify whether the books are kept correctly and whether ongoing declarations, among others, and those already submitted to GUS (Statistics Poland) or NBP (National Bank of Poland), meet all necessary requirements. Their task consists in providing the entrepreneur with continuous assistance in the form of ongoing consultations or keeping track about the changes in legal regulations.

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AccroWell is an experienced Company that provides its Clients with outsourcing services in the area of accounting, finance and HR. Within the companies and businesses that cooperate with us, we implement appropriate procedures and verify how they work in order to increase the efficiency of our services. Our activities are supported by many years of experience and expertise.

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