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In the corporate model we meet the expectations of our Clients and offer our original cooperation system, popular among others on foreign markets. We know how important an individual approach to every case is, as well as understanding business’ needs and the characteristics of a particular business sector. A dedicated person or team permanently available at our contractor’s office is available at all times. Hence there is an expert that joins your team to learn about its characteristics and colleagues. What are the main advantages of such a solution? First of all: flexibility, unrestricted availability of the expert, and both individual and personalized approach to the duties.

Quality and responsibility
We understand financial processes in big organizations

We undertake actions to ensure standards of conformity, quality control procedures and internal policies, such as security and confidentiality. This way, altogether with the Client, we cooperate basing on the standards that shape our everyday work.

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Our competencies
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Controlling
  • HR and Payroll
  • Process Implementation
  • Accounting and financial supervision
Outsourcing for Accounting

In the corporate model our Clients are offered a dedicated person to support them in their day-to-day duties. How does it work? We are responsible for providing them with a high-class expert – an accountant hired by us, but working permanently at our Client’s office. Having the needs of modern businesses in mind, we also provide our Clients with dedicated departments which constitute important support for the already employed staff.

What are the benefits of such a solution? First of all: cost optimization, time saving, and access to the best experts as well. The service is tailor-made to match the needs of our Clients, and one of our tasks is optimizing and structuring the processes at your Company. You also receive access to advanced accounting tools, unique know-how and ongoing support of an expert or dedicated teams as well.

Outsourcing for Finance and Counselling/CFO

Not every business has a CFO employed on a permanent basis. It is not always necessary for small entities. However, altogether with the company’s development, having a CFO onboard becomes crucial. Bigger companies, on the other hand, often rely on the service of an experienced CFO who supervises the departments, cares about correct document circulation within the company and for its financial aspects. In the corporate model, we provide our Clients with access to a dedicated expert to work within the Client’s office.

It remains within our scope of responsibilities to delegate such a person and to prepare an appropriate candidate to meet Client’s expectations. Bigger businesses can also rely on the assistance of the entire department employed at their Company’s office on a permanent basis. Why is it a profitable option? CFO supports the Board of Directors in budget planning, cost reduction and risk or financial liquidity management.

Outsourcing for Controlling and Reporting

Finding a person to deal with responsibility of controlling tasks is not easy. Experts in the field are available on the market, but their number is limited. Our offer is the answer to Clients’ needs – we provide companies with a possibility to hire a dedicated person for controlling and reporting tasks. How does this process work? We undertake a responsibility to find a high-class expert to deal with controlling and reporting tasks. This person will be permanently hired at your Company and remain at your disposal.

Controlling is a complex process involving processes such as planning, implementation control and reporting. What are the main objectives of such activity? Above all, it consists of verifying whether the undertaken actions are justified and the company is heading in the right direction. Having a dedicated person who knows your organization inside out on board facilitates controlling and reporting tasks.

Outsourcing for HR and Payroll

Dynamically changing legal regulations in the field of HR and Payroll require the entrepreneurs to devote a lot of time to understand the changes and implement appropriate provisions. Many businesses decide to employ an external expert to understand the labour law provisions and take care of all contracts related to hiring employees and settling their work from the financial point of view as well. AccroWell prepared a solution for all those who would like to rely on a dedicated expert or an expert team to support their company’s activity.

We offer cooperation on the outsourcing basis. We undertake the responsibility of finding appropriate experts, while the Client can benefit from their assistance on a daily basis, with access to a dedicated team on the spot. Why is this a profitable solution? The Company can omit the time-consuming process of hunting for a perfect candidate. Both small businesses and big corporations rely on HR and Payroll outsourcing.

Implementations and optimizations: WorkFlow, internal processes, ERP

Our Clients cooperating with AccroWell are offered outsourcing of experts. The corporate model assumes that a given expert or the entire department are delegated to the company’s office. One of our services includes implementation of financial and accounting processes. Our task consists in analysing financial condition of the Company and analysing particular procedures. AccroWell experts prepare particular solutions for businesses.

Within the framework of implementation of financial and accounting processes, the best solutions on the market are delivered to our Clients. We rely on appropriate technical background, while the work in the finance and accounting fields is based on modern technological solutions. Our task also consists in the induction of employees into new processes. A dedicated person is at the entrepreneur’s full disposal and performs their duties on site, at their office.

Supervision of Finance, Accounting and Controlling

Financial and process control within companies play the key role in running business operations. Businesses choose single inspections or have them performed regularly. At AccroWell our Clients are offered a possibility to include a dedicated controller or the entire department into the structure of their company. How do we work? The expert is hired by us, but they remain permanently at our Client’s office, according to specific needs.

What are the main benefits of the financial and accounting supervision service? First of all: verification of accounting books, supervision over the correctness of financial and accounting processes, verification of documents introduced into the system and compliance in a broad sense.

Trust is the key
Trust the experts and let your business grow

AccroWell puts great emphasis on trust. Our experts are reliable and have extensive knowledge – it is all in order to advise entrepreneurs how to run their business and optimize it. Providing financial services would not be possible without trust, so it plays a crucial role in mutual cooperation.

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