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A family foundation or the Estonian tax – what is more beneficial for tax payers? Both solutions have their pros and cons. With Family Foundations Acts coming into force, more and more companies wonder whether this is a good solution for them. Our company has prepared an article for Infor’s editorial office, in which we comprehensively describe both a foundation and an Estonian tax. We are pleased to be able to regularly speak for Infor’s editorial team and support it with our expertise.

Changes within law always trigger controversy and debate. Our company Accrowell is committed to educating clients and all those interested in company law or operating a business in Poland on a regular basis.

We have had an opportunity to speak for’s editorial office. This site has 63 millions of views every month and has been operating on the Polish market for 35 years. This is one of the key portals for people in our industry. Specialised web sites gather experts, amateurs and practitioners from a particular field. By speaking up, we can share our knowledge, experience and the best practices. This enables mutual inspiration and self-development in the particular field.

What is worth knowing about a family foundation and the Estonian tax? In this article we will read:

“Let’s start with what the Estonian Tax is. This is a form of taxation for entities with ongoing economic activity that provides a possibility to reinvest profits before taxation and enabling the business growth thanks to a lower taxation level. A family foundation has been created to plan multigenerational succession management. It provides security and effective management of the family assets.”

A few words about a family foundation:

“Family foundation is a new solution to help Polish companies with succession management. What taxation benefits come from this solution? First of all, it is a CIT taxation relief in cases of carrying out “permitted” activities.

Read more here:,estonski-cit-a-fundacja-rodzinna-co-jest-korzystniejsze-podatkowo-dla-przedsiebiorcy.html

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