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Tax webinar for our clients

Tax webinar for our clients

We do our best to educate our clients and provide them with unique knowledge or a daily regular basis. On 20th of June this year we organised a taxation webinar led by Piotr Prokocki. We focused on a burning topic currently present in the public space, i.e. family foundations. Our company deals with service of entities that would like to benefit from new regulations and become family foundations. What else was discussed during the webinar?

Our company organises webinars on a regular basis to educate clients. Nowadays a trending topic is a family foundation – many companies are enquiring us on this matter.

For that reason we organised the webinar, during which we discussed the concept of the Estonian tax and a family foundation. We also showed what differentiate those two concepts and what should be paid attention to. Our expert showed main taxation benefits coming from both the Estonian Tax and family foundation.

An important matter are limitations within the Estonian tax and family foundation application. It covers for example passive income limitation, minimal employment, or the legal form and shareholder structure. Another concept which our webinar members had a chance to learn was “hidden profits”.

An important fragment of the webinar was showing business models, i.e. possibilities to combine both the Estonian Tax and Family Foundation. We invite you to watch fragments of the webinar and encourage you to reach out to us should you have any questions.

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