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AccroWell holds webinars for its clients

AccroWell holds webinars for its clients

Our Company cares about educating the market regularly. We want to provide our Clients with access to latest information concerning financial law, thus we organized the first webinar this year. The webinar’s aim is to point upcoming changes in regulations in force since 2023 that influence the decisions made in our Clients’ companies. Our expert meetings are chaired by advisors who cooperate with Clients on a daily basis. We are glad that our webinars enjoy great interest among their target audience.

The sector within which we operate is dynamic and undergoes constant changes. The tax and financial regulations are crucial subjects that may seem complicated. For this reason, we regularly organize meetings for our clients in order to provide them with the greatest possible support.

Webinars dedicated to our Clients

Our Clients can rely on availability and expertise of our staff members on a daily basis. Together we solve problems and face challenges occurring in the course of our joint work. Educating our Clients also plays an important role – our aim is to draw their attention to upcoming changes in regulations and their important aspects. For this reason, at the beginning of the year we organized the first webinar this year. The new-year tax meeting was held on January 26th and we discussed the upcoming changes in the tax regulations coming into force in 2023. It was the first webinar in the new year chaired by the tax advisor cooperating with us.

Why did we decide to organize such a meeting? The year 2023 will bring many changes in the area of taxes, including both the introduction of new regulations, as well as new trends in the tax authorities practice, resulting from the latest CJEU decisions.

“We observe that our interactive lectures enjoy growing interest. We want to be perceived as a modern Company following the latest trends, and a reliable and helpful business partner above all. Our Clients are provided with opportunities to gain knowledge and broaden their competencies in the comfort of their homes. In the near future we are organising the next meeting for our Clients”, explains Michał Pasternak, CEO of AccroWell.

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