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AccroWell joins the German market

AccroWell joins the German market

Due to our company’s development, we have undertaken the next step towards our expansion. Our experts will be serving Clients in Germany. Having opened our new office, we are introducing a completely new AcroWell quality into the local market. We will follow the corporate principle. What does it mean? It is addressed to all those who appreciate the contact with a financial expert on a daily basis, on the business premises. Based on the outsourcing model, our Clients are guaranteed availability of a dedicated person from the Company’s team.

Despite being similar to the Polish one, the German market varies (significantly) due to economic, social and cultural conditions. The choice of appropriate tools and verified experts is crucial to achieve success. German contractors are demanding and follow a pragmatic approach. They value professional attitude, availability and flexibility.

AccroWell and the new office

Development plays a crucial role for our Company. We analyse markets, check their conditions and at the same time, assess our prospects. AcroWell services will be available for German clients. Our Company has just begun the expansion to their market and provides its services following the corporate model.

“I am glad that our Company has opted for development. It has always played a crucial role for us. We invest in particular in our employees and co-workers, thus providing them with all tools necessary for development. The expansion to foreign markets is a natural step. We offer availability of our qualified experts, remarkable experience and appropriate background. I am convinced that our experts will prove their best and I believe that the expansion to the German market will be the next chapter in our Company’s history”, said Michał Pasternak, the CEO of AccroWell.

He adds that even though the German market is demanding, he is convinced that the Company will flourish in these new conditions.

“German Clients are pragmatic and demanding. They value contact with another person and access to experts whenever needed. Having this fact in mind, we have decided to enter the German market with our corporate offer which ensures availability of a dedicated person. In my opinion, competent staff is the key to success. In our day-to-day operations, we employ solutions that, for example, improve data storage. Investments in appropriate cloud solutions ensure safety and quicken our work”, Pasternak sums up.

The AccroWell Company is gradually expanding and cares about the quality of provided services. As it has been emphasized by the founders – the expansion into Germany constitutes one of the first steps towards conquering foreign markets. Currently the Company does not want to reveal which countries will be next.

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