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Registration of the trademark in the entire European Union

Registration of the trademark in the entire European Union

We constantly undertake activities aimed at building and developing our Company – also on foreign markets. We have registered our AccroWell trademark in the entire European Union lately. It is the next step towards the expansion of our Company.

Our Company is constantly developing and planning to undertake the steps towards continuous growth. Thus, we have registered the AccroWell trademark within the entire territory of the European Union at the European Union Intellectual Property Office and obtained the certificate of registration.

“Registration of the trademark constitutes a crucial step, as it provides us with the exclusive right to use it in all current and future European Union Member States. Registering our trademark is necessary if we want to develop”, explains Michał Pasternak, AccroWell CEO.

The Company emphasizes that development plays a crucial role for them. Registering the company name “AccroWell” is a step towards the expansion onto new markets.

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