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Support Peer Group dedicated to our staff members – learn more our new project

Support Peer Group dedicated to our staff members – learn more our new project

AccroWell constantly searches for new team members and develops its team. The purpose of such action is providing the highest quality standards, while supporting the development of their talents at the same time. In order to build a strong team and satisfy the needs of our staff members, the Support Peer Group has been established. This is our original project aimed mainly at acquiring talented individuals from the market. We want the candidates to learn more our Company even before their employment. What is the purpose of Support Peer Group? What are the benefits of this project?

Innovations constitute one of the critical corporate development components. Our employees form the core of our company – we are a reliable employer which guarantees stable employment conditions and challenges on a daily basis. Support Peer Group, our original project, has been created  to build strong relationships within the team. What does it consist in?

Workplace best match

We are aware how a working environment and positive atmosphere at work are. We were wondering what the best way to recruit could be. To satisfy our Company witha new expert and the employee to appreciate the conditions we ensure.

“Recruiting new staff members constitutes a great challenge. The unemployment rate is currently low on the market, and new experts are very precious for us. As a Company we are open to educating new staff members and investing in them. We give a chance for development not only to those with extensive experience; Support Peer Group is our new project. A candidate has an opportunity to learn more about us, chat with employees and experience atmosphere in our Company first hand”, explains Michał Pasternak, AccroWell CEO.

How does the process of joining Support Peer Group look like? First, we meet and talk about our mutual needs. Job offers are available on our website as well as on popular portals. The next step consists of training. If a given candidate lacks competencies in a particular field, they are sent to a training that is fully financed by us.

“It is worth to emphasize that the access to training is one of our benefits. We know how crucial it is to constantly improve one’s competencies and deepen their knowledge. We provide our staff members with access to modern training platforms. But this is not all. We offer a wide range of benefits. We ensure additional days off, as well as monetary bonuses for special occasions, e.g. birthdays. We support work-life-balance too, so we guarantee holiday subsidies. Another benefits consists in access to private healthcare with a medical tests package”, explains Michał Pasternak, AccroWell CEO.

What is the aim of Support Peer Group?

Above all, our group has been created with care about new employees in mind. We are the employer who cares about positive atmosphere at work and listens to the needs of those hired. Support Peer Group enables most of bonding between the candidates for future employees and our staff members – this way both parties can prove themselves in action. Those applying for a given position have an opportunity to learn about the atmosphere in the workplace and our corporate culture.

“The idea itself assumes the establishment of relationships between potential employees and current team. We would like to reflect the principles of our Company and the opportunities that we can provide to those who wish to work with us. It is also a chance for us to check the competencies of those who apply for a given position”, Michał Pasternak, AccroWell CEO, concludes.

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